Thursday, December 1, 2011

Creation vs. Evolution: Put to the Test

Recently we were given a gift certificate to Applebees.  We decided to use this last Saturday as we were traveling back from my Grandma's 80th birthday party.  We were all hungry we had been in the car for countless hours already and we were all ready to get out.  Little did I know what we would be faced with inside the restaurant.

So as we were waiting for our food, the kids as usual were working their way through the kid's menu activities. This one was based on the movie Dolphin Tale, and featured a true and false quiz on dolphins.  I have to say I was very impressed with my 6 year old, Andrew, as this started because he apparently knows things about dolphins that I don't.  Like the fact they talk through their blowhole, not their throats.  So we got to the last question and it says: True or False - Dolphins were once land mammals.  Well the answer on the little key I was reading along with is true, so I wait to see what Andrew will say and without a pause he's like false.

I think good answer, but say "OK the paper says it's true why do we know it to be false?"

He says exactly what I wanted to hear.  Because God created animals just the way they are.  Then I went on to remind him that evolution is just a theory and while some people believe in it, it's not a proven fact.   Well my little boy wants to know why anyone would believe a land mammal would turn into a flipper bearing sea creature, but can't believe into a loving God who created  this beautiful world.  That I can't answer.

As disappointed as I am in Applebees for blatantly pushing an unproven theory as fact.  I am very happy that through my efforts in homeschooling my kids they are growing up with a strong Biblical worldview and faith in God. Thank you Lord for leading me down this path.