Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thinking Outside the Box

Welcome to my Blog.  I have decided to write this Blog to share our experiences in Homeschooling as we begin to think outside the box. By  thinking outside the box I mean we are going to change the way we homeschool.  We are currently have completed K through 2nd grade with our oldest two children and they have become bored with our current approach.  Since we have to this point used a traditional text book approach I have to agree school is boring. So at the request of the kids we are going to begin our transition to a whole book style of learning, with notebooking and lapbooking projects.

While this may not seem like a big deal to many homeschooling families out there this is a big deal for our family because well both my husband and I are engineers.  Or at least I was till six years ago I walked away from my career to stay home with my children.  For those that  haven't had much interaction with engineers we can be kind of slow to change and we like to have a set approach and see measurable results.   So I have been researching (another thing engineers love) different things we can try.  I then had to convince engineering Dad that its OK if we don't have a workbook.  Which meant answering questions like how do we know they are learning and will they cover everything.  But in the end he agrees that what's the point of homeschooling of we do school just like the public school systems.  So here we are today getting ready to think outside the box and school in a whole new way.  At least for us.  Welcome to our journey.  I hope you check back to see how it goes.