Saturday, September 24, 2011

Michigan History Week: 2

I must apologize I am a few weeks late on my next post here. Things have been a bit crazy around here but we are finally getting back to normal. But anyway finally here it is, lol.

For week two we continued our study of our state symbols.

Monday we looked at the state flower, the apple blossom. I found this worksheet at kidzone.  I really like how it explains what the flower should look like when colored.  It worked really well and my kids liked having the coloring directions right on the activity.

Tuesday we studied the state bird, the robin. This can also be found at kidzone.  It had the same format with the description of each part of the bird on the picture.

Wednesday we added the state tree, the white pine.

Unfortunately I can't remember where i found the cute little pine tree accordion book.  The kids colored the tree and wrote inside about the white pine. We discussed how the state used to be covered in them and that they were a major source of lumber during the states logging boom.

Thursday we added the state reptile, the painted turtle.  I found this cute little guy at homeschoolshare.  He is actually a diagram, that was a little more in depth than I wanted to go.  So I only used part of the lapbook.

Finally Friday we looked at the state mammal, the white tailed deer.  I found a deer shaped lapbook at homeschoolshare.  We simply wrote that the white tailed deer was the state mammal inside.  (The deer we used in found on page three of the PDF.)

Week three should be coming soon.  We will continue our study of the state symbols and finish with a look at our state government.  Hope to see you back next week.


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