Thursday, January 19, 2012

Michigan History Week: 8-12

The British are coming!! Or at least we finally made it through a study of the conflicts between the French and the British.  It seems like the time it took to get through our history lessons grew exponentially during the months of November and December.  So far too January has proven little better.  So once again I apologize for the long delay between posts.

Anyway we had a chance to look at what happened when the British arrived in our beautiful state and took over from the French.    We had a chance to study the French and Indian War and Pontiac's Uprising. We learned what forts were surrenders and where they were located in the various conflicts.

This all lead into the battle for American Freedom and was a great way to introduce the topic of why the French helped the colonists.  We learned that while Michigan was not a key battle ground area during the revolution it did send soldiers to fight and Detroit natives ransomed prisoner that were being shipped to Canada, including Daniel Boone.

After the Revolution we learned that the British did not leave the Michigan territory.  We looked at the War of 1812 and its effects on Michigan. We looked at battles like the Battle of Fallen Timbers and its General, Anthony Wayne, who helped free Michigan from British rule.

Unfortunately we did not do any exciting projects like we did for the French explorers the best I managed was to add figures to our Timeline books.  Our Michigan books have a blank page where I hope to maybe add the people and events in later. (Sorry Christmas and Thanksgiving was just to much for us this year)

Once again I needed to make a few timeline figures of my own.  You can find them here. You will also note some cute fort icons at the end I had wanted to add a list for forts to our book as we studied them, so please imagine a cute fort pasted on a small book and inside the name, location, and date founded and by what country inside.

So until next time, when Michigan become a state, happy homeshooling,


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