Monday, August 22, 2011

Michigan History: Week 1

We have joyfully completed our first week of school for the year, and along with it our first week of Michigan History.  I will make it known here though that the first week was light on history, as we are working on Michigan geography and state symbols first.

So here is a recap of what we have done so far.

Our first activity was discussing Michigan and locating it in the United States.  You can see the activity in my post here.

On Tuesday we what states boarder Michigan. We used an activity found in My First Book about Michigan. The activity consisted of following  a map key to color each state a required color.  We then cut out the map and attached it to the lapbook page I made for our Michigan Notebooks.

Wednesday's lesson was also from the My First Book.  On Wednesday we compared the size of Michigan to the other 50 states.  We learned that Michigan was 11th in size, with 10 larger states and 39 smaller states.  We completed questions on this and the page was filed for inclusion in the notebook.

Thursday was a mapping lesson.  I used a general outline map of Michigan and we located major cities and marked them on our maps.  I liked this as it gave us some good practice with map skills.  We learned that city areas were marked in yellow and the larger the yellow area the bigger the city.

Finally Friday we started in on symbols.  We colored a copy of the state flag and talked about its design.  We also covered the state motto.  The flag page I found from kidzone and it included meaning behind symbols on the flag.  We pasted this paragraph down first and pasted the finished flag over it "lift-the-flap" style.

The next set of lessons will cover the state bird, flower tree, etc.  However we have decided that we are taking this week off even thogh we are only a week in.  It is VBS week at church and since this is the first VBS our church has done in a long time and since I hold the position of Nursery Coordinator I have decided that I have enough to do this week.  Hope to see you back in two weeks.


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