Monday, August 8, 2011

The School Room - My Favorite Room in the House

So today I cleaned our school room in preparation of fully resuming classes.  The kids are currently at grandma's for the week so I took advantage of this time to clean and purge without my little helpers.  It also reminded me of why this is my favorite room of the whole house.

Here's what it looks like and why I LOVE it so much.

I love that it has this big window which lets in lots of sunlight in the Winter.   It's always cheerful in here with the yellow walls and the natural light.  In the Spring it can be a problem as we get to much sun and there is a half round window with no covering but we have learned to adjust.

Under the window you will see the basket I use for the kids to place completed work in before I sort it and store it in boxes in the basement for recorded keeping. I love this as any loose papers are placed here and we don't lose any important work.

I also love the large cabinet in the corner.  My husband built it before we married and I have always loved it, as it holds lots of stuff.   The top cabinet part stores beach towels and paper products, after all I still need storage for my home too.  The drawers keep all our school supplies and learning toys neat. Like this:

Side Note: No one needs that much glue.  We go to a birthday party every year where the mom is a extreme couponer. She hands out school supplies, including glue as party favors.  After this the third year we have more glue than we can use, lol.  I am sure we will use it all someday.

I also love my giant white board.

I also had Engineering Dad put up a bulletin board for me to use.  It holds our hundred's number chart, our Sing, Spell, Read and Write letter poster and several maps.  Wouldn't it be cool if this whole section of wall was cork board?  Wonder if I can talk Engineering Dad into that?

We also have a wall full of book cases.  In fact I filled up the first two we bought, so we got another one .  That one is also almost full.  There is one that was dropped off to our house by some great friends of ours. It needs new shelves which Engineering Dad has cut but not glued into the frame yet.  Once I have that one we will have four shelves on the back wall.  We also want to take out the lovely chest under the window and put in a built in book case there as well. If only there was more time and money, lol.

I like the height of these book cases because it gives me a shelf to store our CD player and other learning tools.  The yellow barrels to the left are our buddy barrels.  The two older kids use this to collect money for mission's each month. The basket next to the Cd player holds CD's (of course), while the basket on the right holds our Sing, spell, read and Write learning games.  That mess in the middle is some math and science stuff like clocks and prisms and coin cups.

The shelf on the right holds on the kids work books and text books for this year on the top shelf.  The bottom two shelves hold coloring books and drawing sets.  The shelf on the left in this picture holds our Bible library on the top shelf and then has two shelves of literature and reference books for topics such as, geography, science and history.

Then we have the larger shelf:

The top of the shelf has containers of math manipulative s. the top shelf holds classic literature and poetry, the second shelf teacher's guides, the third shelf  workbooks and texts I have pre-bought for years to come and the last two shelves are reading books we will be reading over the next couple of years.

Finally we have our storage closet. It looks like this:

It needs more shelves, but I have learned to be creative.  The garbage bag hanging on the left holds empty oatmeal containers, tp and paper towel rolls and other things I have saved for crafts.  The boxes on the floor on the left is my sewing stuff and the stuff on the right is vacuum attachments and extra paper. The top shelf which is hard to see holds extra containers and my wedding dress (it had to go somewhere). The shelf on the top right is all paint supplies, to the top left a stack of magazines, a box of stamps and ink and rolls of paper. Down the center we have paper and craft supply storage,  The bottom holds an erector set and a kit for making hydraulic machines, yes these both have been used by my six year old, it looks like engineering blood runs true.

Hope you enjoyed my tour.  Happy schooling everyone.


  1. oh! A closet. I love that. Our home was built in 1903 and does not have many closets.

  2. LOL about crazy amount of glue because of the coupon mom! Love your organized room. I'm visiting from the(not)Back to School blog hop. Have a great school year.

  3. Great organization! Love that your beach towels are stored in the same cabinet as your school supplies. We all need storage somewhere, don't we? Thanks for sharing your great school room with us!

  4. I am in desperate need of bookshelves! :) AND I totally agree....a wall of cork board is a must (and I wonder if I can talk Zak into it as well) lol

  5. Your cabinet drawers inspired me that a cute looking dresser or end table with drawers would be great organizers! I may need to hit a few garage sales! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks Everyone for the kind comments. I have so loved seeing everyone else's rooms and getting new ideas as well.

  7. I love your room! I am also an engineer turned stay at home mom, and we have an engineer dad too!