Monday, August 29, 2011

The Preschool Curriculum

The Preschool Curriculum - Or What Aaron Will be Learning

Disclaimer: I am calling my 41/2 year old a preschooler.  However as you will see the books we are using and our goals for this year are more on a Kindergarten level.  So with that knowledge here are our choices for this year.

Bible Class

This year I am using the Explorer's Bible Study series book. Bible Beginnings: Precious In His Sight. This will be one of our shorter classes of the day, concentrating on  a daily Bible story, prayer and music.  Occasionally I may add a project to reinforce the lesson. Most of the time we will be focusing on listening and comprehension skills.

Language Arts

For Language Arts we will be continuing our study of phonics with the Sing, Spell, Read and Write program.  We started this last year and started book one of the kindergarten program, All Aboard. However due to low attention span of the then three year old we have ten letters left to complete this year.  We will start with the last ten letters doing them one per day, rather than the suggested two per week, because I have found that Aaron loves this faster pace.  Then rather than start book two of the K program we will do book one of the 1st grade level, Off we Go, for more letter review.  Then we will go back to book two, On Track, of the K level for beginning reading skills.   Then next year we will work through book two, Raceway, of the 1st grade level, which I think will be a much better approach as I found book two rather long and too fast with my other two kids.   We are also using A Reason for Handwriting book K, as we start learning to write.


Aaron did work through Saxon math K last year, so we made the decision to move to Saxon math 1 this year.  So far so good, except we need to work on neatness skills, like staying in the lines and handwriting.
Math is his favorite subject.  He especially loves the manipulatives we get to use.


This year we are using Christian Liberty Press's Our Father's World.  I am using this as a base of study and adding lots of notebook and lapbook projects.  My goal is to compile a science notebook of what we learn this year.  Having completed week one I am happy with our start.  Week one concentrated on the seven days of creation.  We have completed a notebook page on God Created Me and we made a seven days of creation matching game.  I found this at Christian Preschool Printables.  We spent several days playing this game.  In fact Aaron even played it after school was over.  We lay out the seven day cards in order, bonus we get to work on sequencing, then match the picture of what God made to the day is was made.  After this one week Aaron can tell me from memory without the cards what was made each day. I am very excited to see how our other projects work.


Our last subject is history.  For this class we will be using Christian Liberty Press's History for Little Pilgrim's. I used this for my other two and love how it introduces history as "His Story".  I will add projects to this book as well as I  find them.

So far he seems to love it all and I am praying that continues, lol.



  1. I've heard so many great things about Christian Liberty Press. I am impressed that he is moving on to Math 1. We just started K a couple weeks ago, and I feel that it is really easy.....but Annabelle frustrates really easy when it comes to numbers so I think it will be good for us. I'm just in love with the teacher manual...I don't know what I would do without a written script. lol (I guess I freak out when it comes to numbers too)

  2. Aaron would be Annabelle's opposite. He prefers numbers to letters. As for the Christian Liberty Press I love it because it is very affordable, gives a good overview for the beginning grades, and can easily be added to by adding a few biographies or in the case of science books on the topic of study.