Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our Students and Staff

I had so Much Fun last week with my first link up on the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop.  That I decided to do it again.  I have to say I love the homeschool community and all the love that was shown through comments.  I also enjoyed seeing everyone else's rooms and got some great ideas for the future.

This week we are sharing about our students and staff.  So here we all are.

Student Number One: Anna Elizabeth

Anna is a classic first born.  She loves to mother her brothers hates to be wrong.  In fact one of the main problems we have in school is that she doesn't like to get things wrong and hates being the last one done.  She loves to read, draw and wants to learn piano.  She has told us she hates math.  How this is possible I still haven't figured out.  She is just starting the third grade.

Student Number Two:  Andrew

Born just 15 months after his sister, Andrew is my quiet, sensitive child.  In fact we have to make extra effort to not forget him as his siblings can be way more demanding than him.  He is definitely our little engineer.  He is happiest when playing with Legos, Lincoln logs, an erector set or building something in the garage.  Yes he has his own workbench and tool set.  while we call him a second grader he is completing third grade work just like Anna.  He may also be the reason Anna hates math as he flies through it and needs little instruction on new concepts.  He also has a photographic memory which aids in spelling where he can not only remember what words look like but where he has read them.  Wish my brain worked like that, lol.

Finally we have,

Student Three: Aaron

Yes he is still in PJ's.  This is the child that like to challenge me.  He likes to pretend he doesn't remember what he has been taught, he also requires lots of extra "help" and will not stay focused unless he has all my attention.  Unfortunately he knows he's my baby and I melt at the site of his big brown eyes. He is technically a pre-schooler and we are using curriculum at a variety of levels.  He is finishing learning his letters and sounds but working on first grade math as just an example.  He is one of the reasons I love homeschooling because he can learn at each level as needed.

Our Administrator: Engineering Dad

 He is responsible for all school repairs and is our main source of school funding.  He has in the past acted as substitute teacher, but by request of the students has been asked not to return.  apparently he writes EVERYTHING on the white board and the kids do not like this.  I think it made the day much longer and way more boring, lol. He is however welcome to join all field trips.

Finally the Teacher: Me- Engineering Mom

This picture is actually three years old, apparently I take all the pictures so there are no new ones of me, except when we are camping and those I am not sharing, lol. I of course do the teaching.

Hope you have enjoyed meeting us all.



  1. GReat family and descriptions;) We have children with similar personalities. My oldest is also Anna Elizabeth and is starting the 3rd Grade;)

  2. Very cute pictures! Didn't think about adding a pick of the "principal" {what he is called besides Dad at our house}...great idea! Nice pic of you as well! I too take all the pictures. =)

    I have a 3rd grader this year too. Happy Homeschooling!

    ~ http://gricefullyhomeschooling.blogspot.com/

  3. Thanks Kelly and Jen. Love meeting people with things in common. And yes Jen, we are in MI - Muskegon, on the lakeshore.

  4. I love how everyone has a different way of sharing their students. Good thinking to include the staff. Your kids sound a lot like mine, just younger. Blessings!

  5. That is so funny what your kiddos said about your hubby! Thanks for sharing... have a great year!